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Friday, 24 August 2012

Health: Eyesight Problem Caused By Cheap Contact Lenses

The may reason I never use contact lenses because they are making direct contact with my eyes and I just don't like it. But if you're indeed wearing contact lenses or you just love wearing contacts lenses, please make sure you buy the good ones - with good qualities.

Never risk your eyes/eyesight by using the cheap contact lenses. 18 years old girl in Kapar was reported of having problem with her eyesight after wearing cheap contact lenses.

Nabila Rosli, who bought a pair for only RM25 (S$10) in Seremban last Thursday, woke up the following day with painful, swollen eyes and could not see.

"I bought them because the colour was interesting and they were very cheap but the next morning, I woke up in darkness.

Thus if you have no confidence to wear contact lenses. just wear ordinary spectacles and you still can get a pair with styles.

Nabila was treated for a week before her eyes get better.

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  1. I can't see that pictures...
    Ya my friend Steven also affected by cheap contact lenses. Eyes are very important in our life. So be careful. You want to wear contact, first discuss your optometrist which one is suitable for your eyes.


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