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Thursday, 28 October 2010

Criminal As Full Time Jobs

It is weird how some people willing to live that kind of lives. Just read through fellas. Hut as an another option to illicit sex. That damn creative. Criminals always creative. When you did bad thing, you automacatically became creative.
Five Detained In Sex-Drugs Hut

JOHOR BARU: Four men and a woman held for illicit sex at a makeshift hut near a city hotel here, were also high on drugs.

“We believe the five used the hut to satisfy their drug habits and for sex,” said National Anti-Drug Agency (AADK) chief enforcement officer Zulhilmi Ahmat.

He also believed the suspects were involved in wayside robberies as they found several laptop bags and handbags as well as several pieces of MyKad and credit cards in the hut, located near the Rasa Sayang Hotel along Jalan Dato Dalam.

Zulhilmi said the suspects, all in their 20s, would be referred to drug rehabilitation centres.

He said a team of 15 enforcement officers from the agency raided the place at about 3.30pm yesterday following a tip-off.

“When we arrived, we saw the four men and the woman hanging around the hut.

“Initial investigations revealed that the five had taken drugs moments before the raid took place,” he said.

Zulhilmi said the team also raided another suspected drug addicts’ haunt at Jalan Susur 2 Tun Razak, near a shopping mall here, but no arrests were made.

Source from The Star Online


  1. well..memang banyak idea nak buat jahat ni..idea buat baik ditolak ke tepi

  2. @tengkorakemas

    memang bro. masa zaman2 sekolah menengah dulu. duk asrama. setakat seluar jeans tu memang warden takkn jumpa punya. tau je nak sorak kat mana. :D


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