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Monday, 12 May 2014

Molecules' Doodles By Google Celebrates 104th Birthday of Dorothy Hodgkin

Dorothy Hodgkin was born 12 May 1910 and 2014 marks 104th birthday of Dorothy Hodgkin, the winner of The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1964. Dorothy Hodgkin's middle name is Crowfoot. She was and still the well-known British chemist in the history.

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1964 was awarded to Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin "for her determinations by X-ray techniques of the structures of important biochemical substances".

Source: The Official Website of the Nobel Prize
Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin
The Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry 1964

Image Credit: Wikipedia

Her excellence in academic field was most probably came from her family background. Dorothy's father, John Winter Crowfoot worked with the Egyptian Education Service before he moved to Sudan holding a position as Director of Education and Director of Antiquities. He then worked for several years as Director of the British School Of Archaeology in Jerusalem. Grace Mary Crowfoot was Dorothy's mother who actively involved in all John's work. She was a very good botanist.

Tribute by Google to Dorothy Hodgkin
Dorothy attended Oxford and Somerville College from 1928-1932. Here she started to do research in X-ray crystallography following advice of her tutor, F.M Brewer. She then went to Cambridge to work with J.D. Bernal. Dorothy spent two years in Cambridge and back to Oxford and Somerville in 1934 and spent most of her working life as Official Fellow and Tutor in Natural Science. She became a University lecturer and demonstrator in 1946, University Reader in X-ray Crystallography in 1956 and Wolfson Research Professor of the Royal Society in 1960.

Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin died in July 29, 1994. 

Source: Nobel Lectures, Chemistry 1963-1970, Elsevier Publishing Company, Amsterdam, 1972


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