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We are going online for many reasons.
One must choose his reason(s).
And with that reason(s), one, either, may be benefited from it(them) or otherwise.

Wednesday, May 03, 2017

We Will Be Back

As-Salam readers.

InshaAllah, we will back very soon. In the meantime, you will be seeing short/quick blog updates from our team at Faizal Nizam's Blog. For starter, due to unforeseeable circumstances, we are no longer using "" domain as we decided to get back to "".  Therefore if you are looking for blog, kindly type in your browser's address bar "".

We, at Faizal Nizam's Blog, believe blogging is not dead and it still has a place somewhere in the cyber world. Undeniably, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are more preferred these days, but let's see how it goes. We finally decided to change the blog's look and unfortunately we need to maintain certain ads.

That's for this time, we will see you in the next posts.


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