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Supernatural Season 12 Finale

We at Md.Faizal.Nizam Blog, are big fans of Supernatural TV show. It has been a long journey for Dean and Sam. Season 12 will end soon with two episodes back to back and we wonder if Supernatural will be finally concluded. Or we are looking at the future of Season 13.

The official synopses for both episodes have been released, and we are quoting buddytv.com as follows:

The CW has released the official synopses for the last two hours, revealing that the Winchesters will be battling two dangerous enemies on two different fronts.

In the first hour, titled "Who We Are," "the fight between the American Hunters and the British Hunters comes to a head." It seems likely that the season-long conflict with the British Men of Letters will wrap up within the first hour, but there may be casualties.

The synopsis also reveals that Sam and Dean are in a dangerous situation and "only have each other to rely on." Why do they only have each other? The May 11 episode, titled "There's Something About Mary," promises a showdown between Mary Winchester and the returning Lady Toni Bevell, which might be cause for concern that Mary won't survive the season.

Honestly, it is a misery waiting for the season finale which will be aired only in two weeks (more or less). And yes, we hope the brothers will continue with "hunting things, family business" stuff. Ah, about Mary, the mother of two, we think she better stays dead.
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