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Penang Floods: Our Prayers For All Victims

Penang was badly hit by floods. Penangites were badly affected. This is a natural disaster and please put those political differences aside. The floods that hit Penang have caused death and damage. There is no time to play blaming game.

Two senior citizens died in the wee hours on Sunday after flash floods hit Penang. A 75-year-old man, was found drowned in his house in Kampung Masjid on Jalan Perak. Another elderly woman, whose identity has yet to be ascertained, was found dead at an old folks home in Jalan P. Ramlee.

Bus services in Penang have temporarily ceased operation after heavy rain caused flash floods in the state. Rapid Penang is temporarily ceasing it stage bus operations as flash floods in Penang island and the mainland worsen.

Today (Sunday), situations are getting better in Penang. However the Meteorological Department has forecast that bad weather will continue. In the latest post on its Facebook page, the department issued an "orange" alert warning, which indicates expected continuous rainfall with strong winds in the northern states of Kedah, Perlis and Penang on Sunday.

We pray for our brothers and sisters who are tragically affected by the floods. People of northern states should be taking necessary precautions because the bad weather will continue in the northern region of Peninsular Malaysia.

Source: The Star
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  1. true..dis time quite bad..pray for penang..hope everything gonna be okay soon


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