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Sunday, 5 December 2010

Medical Certificate In Malaysia

If the fact below is true, then our country is facing a problem of labor's productivity. But in other perspective, we might want to say the people who did this lack a sense of responsibility.

PETALING JAYA: Employers are incurring over RM1bil losses annually because of workers who feign illness to get sick leave, according to the Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF).

“Malingering or faking sickness to obtain medical certificates (MCs) has become a rampant practice in the country. The MCs rate in the country is now among the highest in the region,” said MEF executive director Shamsuddin Bardan.

“Some employees will take MCs to go fishing, watch a movie, attend a wedding kenduri or send the kids to school. They will even ask their colleagues to tell their bosses they are on MC if they do not turn up for work the next day.”

MC, its purpose is for the convenient of the workers/employees. If the above happens, it is a serious abuse committed by these people. What will happen if you are really sick but you have no more MC available because you'd abused all the MCs?

Abuse of MC affects the employer as well.

Malingerers, he added, were putting a financial strain on employers who had to pay 250% more for each man-day lost when a worker went on sick leave.

Given the 4% loss due to MCs, a company with 1,000 workers stood to lose 9,120 man-days a year.

Thus, this is a serious. Some people may say, "What's matter, it's only MC. Nothing to worry. People just do it once or twice a month or maybe once or twice a year". But it is not as simple as day. In " a long chain" such attitude may damage of economy and may as well give a bad name and reputation to our country.


  1. yea.. malaysians nowadays mmg suka sgt dengan cuti.. somehow akan affect ekonomi negara kowtt

  2. @syahmifikri
    betul bro. at the end of the day memang boleh bagi kesan pada ekonomi.

  3. huhuh
    ethic tuh pnting~~kan~
    dean anis selalu remind us about how important ethic is in each and every pharmacist attitudes

  4. @anis izyan
    that's a good reminder. I believe u will be a very ethical pharmacist in the future. good luck miss anis :)


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