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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

When I Want to Write A Blog Post

I stare at the laptop screen for quite a moment. Clicking on some tabs, browsing around, looking for ideas what to write about. Somehow it just weird why I can't get anything when I really want to write something. It just damn frustrated.

When I was in front of TV or behind the driving wheel or eating at the restaurant or on the bus all alone, the ideas are coming like they want to explode my head but I don't have pen and paper at hand to jot it done. Moment later the ideas are gone.

How could I conclude? The ideas come to you when you just don't want them.

p/s: Aha, I should blog about the tv series entitled The Firm. Just watch the first and second episodes.

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  1. I think you should blog about your passion. Bloggers that don't know what to write about is a lost blogger. I dont mean to offend you. It happens to every blogger including me! That's why we've got to find a niche or passion. So that, when you want to post something, the idea is automatically came through and you can start writing easily. I am new niche blogger. My niche is about helping people to get them inspired- hopefully though. Also, I am not going to provide a static niche/topic for my readers. I write about my personal life. Blogging is not that hard actually. This is one piece advice for you, "It is not what kind of story you wanna tell, it is how you're going to tell the story". Think about it, dude. People will appreciate you much. Have a nice day!

  2. LilyNrman
    thanks friend. appreciate your advice so much.


appreciating your feedback and response!