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Monday, 11 May 2015

Fiverr dot Com (www.fiverr.com): Platform For Selling and Buying Digital Products and Services

Good day readers. Are you bloggers who are looking for somebody to design your logo(s) and/or banner(s) and/or new blog template(s)? OR are you designers who want to sell your services to design logo(s) and/or banner(s) and/or blog template(s)?

Fiverr dot Com (www.fiverr.com) is a market place where people can buy and/or sell the digital products and/or services at reasonable prices. The lowest price is 5 dollars where fiverr.com gets its name. Among services available on fiverr.com market place are as follows:

  • Graphic & Design
  • Online Marketing
  • Writing & Translation
  • Video & Animation
  • Music & Audio
  • Programming & Tech
  • Advertising

Does Fiverr dot Com (www.fiverr.com) Available For Malaysians Users?

Most of online market place platforms are available worldwide and so does fiverr.com. Malaysians can join it by registering at www.fiverr.com in order to buy and/or sell the digital products and other services. YES, fiverr.com is available for Malaysians users to buy and/or sell digital products and other services worldwide.

One can reach worldwide prospects through fiverr.com. It is true that there are more popular mediums and/or platforms to reach potential customers such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest. But there is nothing wrong to add one more to the list.

Popular Services Among Malaysians On Fiverr

Honestly, I cannot be sure how popular Fiverr among Malaysians. But I did search and/or browse type of services offered by Malaysians on Fiverr. Following are some services offered by Malaysians via fiverr.com:

  • Translation (ie: from English to Malay)
  • Exterior and/or Interior Designing
  • Travel Assistant/Tourist Guide
  • Sending Malaysia Stamps and/or Postcards

How Can I Benefit From Fiverr?

You can benefit from fiverr.com if you are looking for person(s) who can provide particular services that you require; for example a blogger who might be looking for designer who can design a new blog template for him. Or you can benefit in  monetary form by promoting services you can provide to those who need of such services.

If any of readers of this blog have first hand experience with fiverr.com either buying or selling services, you are welcomed to share your experience in the comment area. Your experience might be beneficial for those you are interested to try services offered by fiverr.com.

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